LR Congress: François Fillon congratulates Valérie Pécresse

It was a much anticipated step, as part of the presidential pre-campaign. After long months of waiting, The Republicans nominated their candidate for the next April and May election on Saturday (December 4th). It was therefore Valérie Pécresse who was chosen in the second round by just over 60% of LR members, against 39% for Éric Ciotti.

On the right, all the candidates are a priori known. And unsurprisingly, such an event did not fail to generate a reaction, starting with the National Rally. From Poland, where she is currently negotiating a major alliance of conservative and far-right European political parties, Marine Le Pen mocked the victory of a “Macron-compatible” candidate. “I am unhappy for the LR voters,” said the RN candidate, the latter having expressed “the wish to get out of this Macron-compatible aspect” by bringing Eric Ciotti to the second round of Congress.

In the afternoon, Jordan Bardella also criticized Valérie Pécresse’s supposed proximity to the incumbent president. Referring to the presence of “two Macronist candidates in this election”, the young president of the National Rally anticipated the outcome of the first round of the upcoming ballot: “Valérie Pécresse will obviously support Macron from 8:01 p.m. on the evening of the first round. As a result, Jordan Bardella called on disappointed LR activists to join the RN: To sincere LR voters who refuse to see their ideas condemned once again, they are welcome to join us. ”

A position shared by Gilbert Collard. On Twitter, the MEP called “all the LR activists who voted for Eric Ciotti [to] assume their responsibilities and leave this party which is now becoming a supplementary force for Emmanuel Macron!” “.

All together

On the side of Eric Ciotti’s campaign staff, however, it is not at all time to rally to Marine Le Pen. In the wake of Valérie Pécresse’s victory, the southern deputy gave her frank and massive support, saluting her “dignified, powerful and daring” campaign, and assuring her of her “friendship” and “affection”.

For Republicans, now is the time to rally. Even Laurent Wauquiez, whose line considered too right is at the origin of the departure of Valérie Pécresse in 2019, addressed his congratulations to the new candidate: “Dear Valérie, you can count on my support so that our family wins this presidential election. . Only the values ​​and convictions that we hold together can give hope to our country. ”

On the right, everyone is waiting for a possible statement from Nicolas Sarkozy. Almost ten years after leaving power, the former President of the Republic remains the true undisputed leader of the Republicans. Remained silent throughout the party’s pre-campaign, and close to Emmanuel Macron, whom he would not exclude from supporting, his word is particularly eagerly awaited.

Another historical figure of the party, although less unanimously appreciated given his previous presidential setbacks, François Fillon also sent his congratulations to Valérie Pécresse: “Congratulations my dear Valérie. I wish you every success. Go for it and win for France. ”

The left worried

On the other side of the political spectrum, reactions have logically been reduced. Among the great figures of the left, many have remained silent. Note, however, the concern expressed by Jean-Christophe Cambadélis. On Twitter, the former first secretary of the Socialist Party retained the score of Eric Ciotti more than the victory of Valérie Pécresse: “Ciotti 40%! So the authoritarian nationalist themes of the far right of Zemmour or Le Pen make 40% of Republicans and Pécresse wants to be porous with them. She cannot do otherwise. This is the country’s balance of power. What is the left waiting for? ”

At La France insoumise also, the right-handed turn taken by Les Républicains and Valérie Pécresse displeases. This is evidenced by the comment from LFI deputy from Ile-de-France Mathilde Panot: “The Thatcher from Versailles won. Work more to earn less, Demonstration for all, bone tests. Thanks, but no thanks. “A double reference to a previous statement by Valérie Pécresse, who had declared to be” 2/3 Merkel and 1/3 Tchatcher “, and who, during the campaign, had proposed to democratize bone tests making it possible to distinguish real isolated minors from false.

A little later in the afternoon, Jean-Luc Mélenchon himself reacted to the victory of Valérie Pécresse, opting for a decidedly ironic tone. Comparing the new candidate to Ma Dalton, the mother of the four Dalton brothers here, Michel Barnier, Philippe Juvin, Xavier Bertrand and Éric Ciotti the boss of La France insoumise invited Valérie Pécresse to face her in a debate, one of the specialties of the former socialist torment.

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