Zach Attacks: A green gold mine

Zach Delfs

What do Canada, Colorado, and the West Coast have in common? Other than being overwhelmingly liberal, being massively funded by tourism, and regularly becoming a few hundred square miles of inferno, they’ve also all got something for Mary Jane. Not Spider-Man’s love interest, either. Weed, cannabis, joint, hemp, herb, pot, grass, whatever you call it, marijuana is a massive part of modern culture, and it’s not slowing down. These states (and Canada, which is basically America but nicer) have all chosen to embrace the trend rather than avoid it.
While Iowa remains politically belligerent on the Devil’s Lettuce and spicy oregano, our lovely neighbors – Missouri and Illinois specifically (Chicago and St. Louis, who?) have elected to decriminalize the use of marijuana rather than make it entirely illegal. Colorado and California have decided it’s much better to make the drug wholly accessible to the general public rather than waste time, money, and political banter on attempting to block its use.
Instead, since states like Nevada, Colorado, and Oregon (Oregon Oregano?) have legalized the former demon grass, they’ve seen massive economic growth. Any idea why? I’ll give you a hint: Marijuana is essentially just tobacco except not tobacco. By taxing and selling marijuana in the same manner as cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or Juuls, they can rake in so many more thousands of dollars from how many people use the stuff. Michigan – the most recent state to legalize recreational marijuana in 2018 – has brought in over $633 million through just the sell and tax on cannabis in the state.
As a high school student, I’m not exactly unfamiliar with weed. I may not partake in the burning of the bush, but it’s not a secretive or uncommon aspect of modern day youth – and it hasn’t been since the 60s. Simply put, I think a lot of states and even nations can learn a lot from the likes of California and Colorado, which is not a sentence I would often say. 

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