Trailblazing: Rickert helps lead Pioneer Trail revival project

Mike Rickert, above, is helping to lead a project to complete the Pioneer Trail through Grundy County. (Michaela Kendall/The Grundy Register photo)

GRUNDY COUNTY - Former attorney and Reinbeck resident Mike Rickert has dedicated decades of his life to the Pioneer Trail in Grundy County.


Back in 1985, Rickert was instrumental in leading the group that first got the trail started, and to this day, Rickert still walks the trail almost every morning. Now, 34 years after the trail was first started, Rickert is involved in an effort to finally get the trail completed, connecting the towns of Reinbeck, Morrison, Grundy Center and Holland.


Working together with the Reinbeck Development Corp, Grundy County Conservation, Butler-Grundy Development Corp and local cities, the group is hoping to connect the trail between all four towns (currently the trail is not connected between Reinbeck and Grundy Center) and eventually make the trail a hard surface trail (currently it’s crushed rock).


“Having outdoor recreation here is so important,” Rickert said. “We need some place for people to get outside, get on their bike or get walking. Right now, not a lot of people use the trail because it’s not finished and you can’t walk or bike the whole trail; I could see if it was completed you could get a lot of people out on this trail.”


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