Letter to the Editor

The Grundy Register encourages an open forum, with conversation from all sides of an issue.

To be printed, letters must follow the following guidelines:

1. Letters should express an opinion or solicit a call to action.

2. Letters should be less than 500 words.

3. Letters are subject to editing for length, content, fact and libel.

4. Letters that are attacking in nature of individuals or the practices of private businesses likely will not be printed. 

5. Writers will be limited to no more than one letter in any given calendar month.

6. Except in rare circumstances, an expression of thanks is an advertisement and not a letter to the editor.

7. The Register likely will only publish letters by Grundy County residents or Grundy Register subscribers, or letters of interest to Grundy Register readers.

8. Sign and date your letter, and include a telephone number for reference.


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