Eagles' nest disappears, questions abound

Eagles perch from a tree on the property of Mary Katzer in the Ivester area off of 280th Street. The nest vanished last month, and the Federal Fish and Wildlife service is planning to investigate. (Photo courtesy of Everett Manship)

Last month, a bald eagles’ nest on the property of Mary Katzer in rural western Grundy County vanished after almost four years, and because of the effect that it would have had on the yet to be constructed Ivester Wind Farm, the recent news has received attention from residents and conservation authorities alike. As those involved seek to gather more information and wait for the facts to come out, speculation has been aplenty in this curious case.


“I’m trying to stay calm and not jump to any conclusions,” said Mary Katzer, who owns the land in question. “More information needs to be collected.”


The nest, which was located between Conrad, Wellsburg and Eldora on 280th Street, would have taken between eight and 10 turbines out of the plans for the proposed 90 megawatt Ivester Wind Farm, according to information that EDF Renewable Energy Development Director PJ Saliterman provided at the June 27 meeting of the Grundy County Board of Supervisors. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recommends a voluntary 1.6-mile buffer zone from wind turbines for the nests.


Late last month, however, Katzer, who commented that she received great enjoyment from viewing the nest, noticed that it was gone without a trace. Now, she’s been flooded with questions, and all she wants is answers.


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